Realistic Romance

Hey guys,

So this is a topic that really gets on my nerves. In books, I always find that characters seem incapable of getting over people they have been with. To me this just doesn’t seem to fit with actual real life relationships. In the real world, you go out with someone, then maybe break up with them, and then get over them. I mean do people really spend years wishing after that one person they were with for like 6 months when they were 15? Not in my experience! So many people I know have had various different boyfriends/girlfriends in their life so far (I’m 17) and it’s not like all but one were real, and the others were just fill ins. No. They liked one person for a while, but then later liked another.

Rant over, sorry!

The point of this post wasn’t originally to rant, but who doesn’t like a good rant every now and again 😉 The actual reason why I opened up my laptop and started typing was because a book (or more accurately an author) made me think of this the other day. I was reading ‘A Court of Mist and Fury’ by Sarah J Maas and it struck me that she is one of the only authors I can think of that doesn’t portray romance in this totally unrealistic way. Her characters get over the people they used to like, and don’t pine over them even when they do unforgivable things.

Her other series (Throne of Glass – would definitely recommend if you like fantasy worlds) does exactly the same. The characters have more than one different relationship throughout the books, and I think this is something that more authors should do, because it makes it feel so much more realistic, which to me makes the book so much better. I can never relate to characters who moon after one person without any reason, and refuse to move on. Because people are not like that!!

What do you guys think? Because I have a huge amount of respect for an author who manages to do this without making a character look shallow, because unfortunately the characters who don’t do the whole “I’ll love you forever” nonsense are often portrayed as fickle.

Bye for now 🙂

PS sorry for using the word ‘realistic’ too much 😉


Blogger Recognition Award

I got nominated by midnight expressions for this award (thank you so much!) It was honestly so surprising as I have not been blogging for long at all, and I have been pretty rubbish about writing posts… Her blog was one of the first one’s that I followed, and she seems like such a lovely person from her posts. I really enjoy reading what she has written because so much of it seems relevant to me (probably helps that we are the same age!)

Sooooo, why I started blogging… I guess it was because I wanted some place to record my thoughts, but I really didn’t like the idea of a diary because I could never bring myself to write random stuff that I knew would just sit in a book and never get read. I’m so glad I did start, because I feel that writing about something really helps me to sort out my thoughts and clear my head. I like the fact that it can be anonymous, and that means that you can just be yourself without people knowing or judging you (or at least people you see every day!!)

My advice for new bloggers would be to…

  • try and keep a list of ideas for blog posts (something I’m about to start), so that if you feel like you want to write but can’t, then you may have some ideas there for inspiration
  • don’t feel pressured to post regularly – it would be much better to write less frequently, but have what you write be things that interest you and that you care about!

Thank-you again for nominating me!! xx

Bloggers that I want to nominate…

Books, Harry Potter and Libraries

Hey guys,

Sorry about the complete lack of posts recently, I haven’t really got an excuse other than just general busyness. Which is a rubbish excuse I know…sorry. But it’s summer now so I will try to write more…

I was so excited (and hid in my room all day reading it) because the new Harry Potter came out the other day! OMG it’s sooooo good guys! I won’t say much more because I don’t want to give anything away but it is just so beautiful and I loved it. Reading it just made me want to go and watch the play – which I doubt will happen as I live a fair way from London but still. The characters were great, and I loved how some old loved (and hated) characters were in it. Basically GO AND READ IT! I loved the books as a kid, still do now TBH, and this lived up to all my expectations.

Also on a book theme, for the first time ever last week I went to the big library in the city near where I live. Don’t judge – I do often go to the library, but the one in my town is fairly tiny! But anyway, I think I may have fallen slightly in love with this library. It’s so big and there are so many books, and I haven’t read all the books and you can just sit there and read and it is just an amazing place. I may have just sat there in a comfy chair for well over an hour just reading, between two separate things I had to do!  So yeah, libraries are my new favourite place 😉

I think that’s all for now, I will try to not make it so long before I write the next post, as writing stuff out like this is definitely good!

Bye for now 🙂

Going it alone

Hey guys!

Sorry about the complete lack of posts recently…I’ve been buried in exam work, and then I went to 2 different open days and have just been crazily busy. But now I have nothing I have to don, am up to date on my homework (yay) so thought I’d settle down and write a post 🙂

Last week I went to University open days in Bath and Leeds and had such an amazing time. I loved both places and it’s made me so excited for going to Uni *hopefully* in just over a years time! I have a friend who is already at Bath so I had a vague idea of what it would be like, but I had no idea about Leeds. No-one I know has ever boon there, probably mainly because it’s a 5 hour drive away, and not famous enough that you would think of going there. I didn’t really know what to expect of it then, but I kinda imagined it being industrial and a bit grey and ugly (sorry). I was so wrong. It was such a pretty city, and the university and buildings looked so nice, they were over 100 years old, and just looked like how a university should look. So I’m very sorry for my prejudging/stereotyping of the city, and definitely want to apply there now!

Now these two open days were great because I went with my mum and we could go around together and talk to each other and just have someone else with me. But next week I’m going to two open days (Durham and Cambridge) on my own… I’m kinda excited about it because it will mean that any impressions I get will be mine, but at the same time I’m terrified because I’ll be all alone in a city I don’t know…and what if I get lost…or just look like a total loner!

But no. I’m focusing on the positives! I get to stay in uni accommodation the night before, and going on my own will be a great experience, after all, I want to go to uni on my own in just over a year, so I should be able to go for a single day alone 😉

Wish me luck!

Bye for now 🙂

Exams are fun…haha NO

Hey guys!

Today I had my last exam before half term, which means that I’ve done 6 out of my 9 AS exams. I can’t quite believe that I’ve almost finished year 12 – just 3 more exams and I’ll have done a whole year of sixth form (well kinda – they make us go back after exams to start the year 13 work). The other good thing is that it’s half term – which means that I get a couple of days off from revision!! The last couple of weeks have just been endless learning of facts and dates and numbers, and I’m so glad that it’s almost over. I now know so many pointless history facts that I will never use again as I’m dropping history next year. But if anyone ever needs a team mate for a pub quiz on America 1865-1920 or Britain 1906-1929 you know where to find me 😉

On the subject of history though – I’ve had both of my exams and the questions were so nice! None of us knew what to expect because it’s the first year through the new A level system and so there are no past papers, only a couple of specimen papers. That meant that our teachers had to make up a whole load of questions for us to practice our essay writing with, but of course, the A level is new for them too, so they didn’t really know any more than we did… But luckily the examiners were in a good mood when they write the questions and they were all answerable 🙂 and I was able to use tons of my random statistics (did you know that between 1880 and 1890 there were 5.2 million immigrants to the USA?) and that made me very happy! I was writing my essay just so glad that I hadn’t spent a large amount of hours learning stats for nothing. Our exams officer always gets us to check through the paper, and when she did, my friend and I just saw the questions and smiled at each other, with the smile saying “yes, we can do this”.

It’s just a shame though that today’s chemistry paper wasn’t quite as nice… I actually think it went pretty well, but it took me ages! The exam is 90 minutes long, and I normally finish in about an hour and then have about half an hour to check my answers and sort out any stupid answers I’ve written. Today though, I only finished with just over 10 minutes to spare, and lots of people that I spoke to said that they totally ran out of time and had to guess the last few questions (the paper ends with multiple choice). It was a weird feeling being so pressed for time, and meant that I did not check my answers nearly as well as I would have liked to. I’m not saying this to sound cocky btw, so please don’t take it the wrong way! I’m just thinking back to GCSEs where everyone that I know finished the science papers in about half the time we were given. This did not happen today!! Ah well, I don’t think it went too badly, I just hope there weren’t any other stupid mistakes that I didn’t see!

Just to entertain you – I’ll give you a few examples of how stupid someone who has a reputation for being clever can be:

  1. Today (before I corrected it) I had to change g to kgs. I wrote that 52g=52000kg. Hmm, something looks a bit wrong there!
  2. In my C1 math exam last week I made 15/5=5. Basic division obviously wasn’t my strength that day
  3. In a past paper we did in class for maths I decided that 2 squared was 2. Basic multiplication falling down here!

So motto here guys is use a calculator 😉 but seriously though, I just want to say that everyone makes mistakes, and therefore don’t worry if you do. People who never make mistakes kinda scare me, like how can you be perfect all of the time?

Bye for now 🙂


Starting a blog

Hey guys,

At several times in my life I’ve tried to write a diary, but yeah, it hasn’t lasted! It’s just felt a bit weird, writing stuff that you’re never going to let anyone see and just keeping it in a little notebook tucked away on a bookshelf. And I guess I was worried that someone would find it and read it. This feels a bit different. *Hopefully* it will get read, but not by anyone who knows me, and thats nice because then I don’t have to hide what I feel or think in order to not offend anyone. (and since it’s anonymous if anyone does know me then they won’t know its me)

So I’d probably better tell you a bit about myself:

First off, I’m a girl, I’m 17 and I live in the SW of the UK/Great Britain/England/whatever else it decides to call itself today. Well thats the boring stuff over, the mundane facts and figures that tell you a bit about me, but not about who I am. You know, who I actually am, inside. Thats the bit that I’m less good at. I’ve never been a very emotional person and realllllly hate sharing my feelings. I guess that’s part of the reason for this – a place where I can share my feelings but nobody has to know, and I don’t have to look someone in the eye after I’ve cried or told them something important. Which never actually happens because I don’t really cry in front of people!! There’s another thing about me I guess – bad at talking about emotions! Not that I’m unemotional, but just bad at sharing those deep emotions, I guess because I don’t want to be judged? And none of my friends are the type of people who are over emotional the whole time so I suppose that’s a major reason too.

Next off, I really enjoy sport. I’m not one of those super sporty people though, the people who always post selfies in sports bras and gym kit, and are majorly popular at school. That’s not me! Not at all! I’m someone who plays sport because they enjoy it, and not at a particularly high level at all. And I’m not that popular either, I’m not unpopular just kind of…in the middle. I have a decent amount of friends and get on with most other people. As far as I know, people don’t dislike me, but I’m not someone who’s best friends with the whole year group and goes out partying every other weekend. OK, that was a slight tangent but hey, nothing wrong with a bit of randomness every now and again is there?

Which brings me to something else about myself that you may well have already realised – I go off topic a lot. To the point at which if I’m in an exam I have to keep looking at the question to check that I’m not answering a completely different one (that I would rather they had asked)! So yeah, I ramble a fair bit (get used to it sorry).

And the final thing about me before I go and do some revision (exams have started), I’m fairly clever. I don’t say that to brag or anything, but I figured I may as well get it out of the way now. I’m the person who people ask for help from in maths (and other stuff but mainly maths) and gets pretty much straight As (I’m in year 12 so an A is the top grade). But not going to dwell on that, I get enough of that at school where I have a *slight* reputation as the brainy one, and where people kinda expect me to be right and to do well…

So yeah, that’s me! I’m not really sure what I’m gunna post on this blog, but going by my name it’ll be some random thoughts on my life (and other stuff)

Bye for now 🙂